Address: 199406, Saint Petersburg,
Nalichnaya street, 28/16

Rosneft Holds Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

On June 15, 2016 Rosneft’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting was held in St. Petersburg. Holders of over 90% of the Company’s shares took part in the meeting.
The Meeting approved the Annual Report, Annual Financial Statements and Profit Distribution of Rosneft for 2015.
The decision was taken to distribute 124.5 billion rubles (11 rubles 75 kopecks per share, which exceeds the previous year’s rate by 43%) for dividends. The approved dividend amount equals 35% of Rosneft’s IFRS net profit. The dividends will be paid to the nominal shareholders and trustees by July 11, 2016, and to other shareholders registered in the Shareholders Register by August 1, 2016.


199406, Saint Petersburg,
Nalichnaya street, 28/16
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