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The Mining University holds World Forum of Universities of Resources on Sustainability

The World Forum of Universities of Resources on Sustainability (WFURS) has started its work in the Mining University. The rectors of the leading mineral resource universities from more than 50 countries of the world have become participants of this status event. Academic programs and researches of these higher education institutions are connected with mineral resources and all technological chain of their mining and use. In particular, mineral prospecting and exploration, deposits development, mineral processing, reclamation and recycling.
WFURS was established in 2012 by the two oldest higher mining schools of the world – St. Petersburg Mining University and TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Its first four meetings took place in Germany, Norway, Austria and Japan. During the last meeting our city won the competition to be the host of the fifth forum.
The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, Rector of the Mining University Vladimir Litvinenko, the representatives of the profile ministries and departments, oil and gas companies, professional associations participated in the opening ceremony. Greeting telegrams to the delegates were sent by the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich, the CEO of UNESCO Irina Bokova, the special advisor of the president of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko. They declared unquestioning support of the idea of sustainable development which implementation is the main objective of WFURS. They also approved the Mining University initiative to create International Competence Center for Mining engineering under the auspices of UNESCO.
Structure formation, which will be engaged in professional certification of the specialists dealing with mineral and raw complex, was the main issue under discussion of the first day of the Forum work. It is planned that the procedure of its formation will take not less than a year. In the future its accreditation will become obligatory for obtaining the status of the engineer.
Closing of the first day of forum work the working group of Competence Center creation was announced by the Rector of University of Leoben (Austria) Wilfred Eichlseder. 12 heads of the leading mineral resources higher education institutions of the world were in the list. In particular, they will be responsible for negotiations with the authorities of UNESCO and development of the specific proposals connected with professional standard rates, determination of certifying commission structure and some other issues.
During the second day the delegates of WFURS should participate in section meetings devoted to such topics as innovative mining technologies for sustainable development, advanced mineral processing, ecological responsibility of mineral companies, new challenges for resource universities.


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